My way of crossing the threshold into the realms of Hestia is to do some research into  what she represents.

As Heather has written Hestia was a Greek goddess.  The Romans adopted many Greek gods and goddesses and changed their names.  For the Romans, Hestia became known as Vesta.  Hestia/Vesta is the goddess in charge of the eternal flame that keeps the household alive, safe and well.  She is the archetypal energy that represents the flame inside ourselves, our spark of life.

Vesta now gives her name to an asteroid which many astrologers consider to be a very powerful influence.  Astrologically Vesta represents our ability to care for the fires of our  creativity, our home, our health and our work.  She is the flame of our ambitions and her energy can help us dedicate ourselves to a goal or pursuit.

Jan Spiller, an American astrologer writes:

‘The Greeks portrayed Vesta as the omphalos, navel, or center of the world.  As the hearth fire at the center of the home, Vesta provided a gathering place for the family. Likewise, Vesta functions as the center of the psyche, coordinating various facets of the personality. Astrologically, Vesta symbolizes individuals who are “centered” in their own identity and thus self-determined in their activities.’

In the natal chart (the birth chart) Vesta represents ‘the inner spark we need to survive all odds, and to keep our spirits intact on the darkest day. She is also the light that guides us and allows us to take joy in our lives, and in our accomplishments. She is our inner light and the life inside ourselves.’

For me crossing the threshold into the realm of Hestia/Vesta represents  a time of self nurturing where I tend to my own spark of life and ‘keep the home fires burning.’  My energies are focussed within my physical home as I care for the health and wellbeing of myself and those around me.  It is  a time for me to nurture my creativity and bring creative projects to completion.



4 responses

  1. Interesting that you raise the notion of the Omphalos because one of the things we will be exploring is the whole notion of establishing a world at the centre. The creator, like the religious man, needs to position themselves as close as possible to the centre.

  2. I’m beginning to see the main theme emerging from our investigation of the Hestia archetype: nurturing care of our interior worlds. This was quite interesting.

  3. Fascinating – thank you

  4. your research of Vesta being center of the navel, of the world, of ourselves, of the home, ties it all together.

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