On arrival …..

My thoughts on arrival here are many and excited and therefore somewhat scatty, such is the nature of my be-ing.   My natural instinct is towards the visual so these are my initial offerings.

First thought:


I made this painted silk piece a few years ago for Imbolc, in honour of Brigit.  As I hail from Brigit’s Isle it seemed fitting that I relate to Hestia in this form as all are one in essence.  The painting represents the return of the fire/sun after the winter and it echoes, for me,  my joining you all here at Hestia’s Hearth.

Second thought:

Cactus study from magazine picture

Cactus study 4

These are from a sketchbook challenge I undertook earlier this year …. I love the idea of birthing from the flames, rebirthing even.   I am thinking this could be interpreted as is in stitch using some vintage linens of the household variety that I recently acquired – they are old table settings and arm rests etc . bringing together,  in my mind, the actuality of the home and the fire from the welcoming hearth.   My initial ideas.

Jill – Meandering Muse

8 responses

  1. I enjoy seeing the sketchbooks of other artists and watching the process unfold. I look forward to seeing the new life you are going to infuse in the table linens with this design.

  2. Love the painting you did for Imbolc. And I see in your sketches, there will be so much more coming from you in the future. I look forward to seeing your future creations.


  3. I really like your art work here – the painting is really storng and your sketch book work is fascinating. I love seeing how artist’s minds work. Like you and Lori I’m feeling motivated to work visually here too.

  4. The last picture would be wonderful sewn- these are inspiring responses, thanks for sharing them.

  5. You captured the painted silk to be alive with motion. And your ideas as they emerge in the sketchbook illustrate the creative process so well.

  6. The colours on your silk painting are so rich and vivid. And it is such an honour to be allowed to peep into an artists sketchbook. These are always my favourite thing to look at when I visit exhibitions. Soem wonderful ideas here. Looking forward to watching your ideas evolve.

  7. Jill, when you say you are from Brigit’s Isle, I am presuming you mean Ireland? I live in Wicklow. Are you living in Ireland still??

  8. I think your cactus study would make a beautiful sewn piece and how appropriate – rising from the flames

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