Home Hearths

Thinking about where I am going with this project, my mind will not stray from the hearth – the centre of both the home and the self.   In gestation are ideas for a new cloth or cloths, small blocks perhaps stitched together in the end, I don’t know yet.

In this spirit I hope it appropriate to share pictures of the two hearths within my small house.  The first is in the living room, the second in my bedroom/studio:

Hearth 1

Hearth 2

Jill – meandering muse.

7 responses

  1. You have a beautiful hearth. I live in an apartment with no such thing, so I have to make due with the top of my entertainment cabinet. I am going to photograph and share mine as well…but I have to wait until it’s dark……………….

  2. What a gorgeous hearth you have Jill. I do hope everyone will follow suit and show us their personal hearths.

  3. I love your hearths – mine’s a gas heater or do I count the gas stove. Yours are really inspiring.

  4. how lovely. I tend to have my “hearth” items spread throughout the house: a statue here near the computer for inspiration and focus, a picture in the hallway as a reminder as I move from one location to another, various items tucked into the bookshelves located in every room, a large Buddha statue in front of the entertainment center so as to be respite from the TV, pieces in the gardens, silk painting in the bedroom, even pictures that seem ordinary to others at work that go much deeper for me, a reminder in my car, a picture in my wallet, etc. Constant reminders to ensure constant remembering.

  5. I live in a very small house and like Thalia, my hearth is scattered all over. I’m going to have to do some rearranging to get it right. Your hearth(s) are so welcoming.


  6. My desk feels like my hearth (: what a creative space.

  7. Gorgeous and so very personal. But then a real and meaningful altar/hearth has to be!!

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