Lady of the Fire

Volcano Spirit

When I cross that threshold
claim my space and come
to be with Hestia
Lady of the Fire
Red electric dragon
and I are as one

Heather Blakey July 2009

11 responses

  1. Love the picture – such a great use of “red.” I also am intrigued by the seeming placement of the dragon’s coils to show her hands better, but that also appear to be in the form of infinity.

  2. This is powerful. The Hestia archetype isn’t always a quiet homebody. She can kick it!

  3. Oh, Heather, this is a great picture. It is so vivid and alive.


  4. oh yes, a vibrant and powerful dragon woman 🙂 – this is fabulous Heather!

  5. Very very cool.
    Or should I say hot?

  6. VEry special, glad you find time to draw. Fran

  7. What a lovely warm picture. There is inspiration and energy here.

  8. This is one powerful lady! Lady in Red indeed!!

  9. She makes me want to grow wings!

  10. Beautiful and powerful!

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