Hestia’s hearth journal

Lori inspired me to make a little journal and use it as a place to collect some of the ideas that occur to me while doing this project.


I’m not sure if I should post this stuff under the Artwork category as it’s more like the stuff I make before I make  art – my version of working drawings.

first page spread

I started out with high aspirations on the title page but quickly reverted to my usual messy collage pages where I work through ideas.  I do like this page though –

hestia - fire incarnate

I got the idea from the book ‘The Goddess’ by Shahrukh Husain where the reason there are so few images of Hestia is explained by describing her as fire incarnate and therefore formless.

In the same book I read that Vesta (Hestia’s Roman incarnation) received the first sacrifices of the season.  Her priestesses were the vestal virgins who tended the sacred fire.  This fire was cermoniously doused each year on March 1.  That’s my birthday!  Does that me I’m putting water on the flames in this Hestia’s Hearth project.  I hope not.  Let me know if I am.

– Suzanne


6 responses

  1. How did you create the background of the first image? It’s lovely.

  2. These are wonderful! What a brilliant idea!

  3. Hi Lori – do you mean the cover image. I made it by glueing several layers of pink tissue over each other with a glue stick. I then rubbed it lightly with some gold poster paint. The writing and the gold squiggle are done with some glitter pens I bought in a discount store.

  4. This is wonderful Suzanne. I have edited and made some new categories that will help others who will follow suit. When we do the calendar we will want to have little workshops showing techniques like those that you are applying here.

  5. oooh yummy glorious stuff Suzanne – love what you are doing, the spreads are gorgeous! Plus – you have given me inspiration in quoting that Hestia is described as fire incarnate – fabulous, thank you – I so enjoy how this is working so well 🙂

  6. Very inspiring, wow you have all been so busy!

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