Hestia’s Cauldron


Hestia watches over a cauldron, filled with the offerings of creative people. An elixir, which offers access to the cosmic creative mind bubbles and broils here. Those who drink from the cauldron also make offerings, thus ensuring that the elixir remains powerful. Who knows what you will create when you sip from the cauldron? If you do take a sip make sure to add an ingredient that will strengthen Hestia’s potent brew.

Heather Blakey July 2009

13 responses

  1. I am adding rosemary for protection. Safe here at Hestia’s hearth, the freedom to create without boundaries releases us.

  2. I am adding all the memories of frangapani, some ginger and honey and a couple of healing prayers.

  3. Mmmm, it smells so good. I might add a pinch of nutmeg. By the way, that is such a great image.


  4. fab picture – now what would I put in the cauldron …. some bay leaves, the traditional protection of the home 🙂

  5. I closed my eyes and saw Hestia drop a golden orb of sparkling light into the bubbling cauldren. Slowly the light began to break up into a million pieces of sparkling, dancing reflections and then it dispersed and flew hither and thither through the rolling waters, like fairies riding upon the backs of tiny dolphins and whales. Hestia looked straight into my eyes before dipping her hands into the water. She smiled as she offered me the elixir of creativity from the source.

  6. I’ll add a dash of spice. I love the picture

  7. well, will more tequila hurt? cause that’s what I was going to say too…although I do have my own freshly ground secret 5 spice blend to add in as well….
    Would rum…or maybe vodka…clash with the tequila too much?

  8. lavendar – for all ills

  9. As an offering I place a rose quartz on Hestia’s kitchen altar. I add sea salt to the elixir and take a sip. Let the magick begin..

  10. I’ve always found a hair of the dog that bit me necessary.

  11. I’ll add cinnamon too and chilli for a bit of extra heat

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