An Urban Hearth

I don’t have anything akin to a real hearth so mine is the top of an entertainment cabinet.    The image is of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a common manifestation in these parts of the divine feminine archetype.  She is in a handcrafted tin frame I picked up in Mexico.    The clock is nearly 150 years old, sold to my great-great grandfather in return for two ten-hours days of farm labor.   When the lights are off and the candles lit, it is no longer just the top of my entertainment cabinet, but it becomes a sacred space where creativity dwells — at least I like to think so.

L. Gloyd (c) 2009

9 responses

  1. What a wonderfully moody hearth. All these great photos are making me wish I had a digital camera. On the plus side they are making me tidy my house more and respect my belongings.

  2. Wonderful and comforting, Fran

  3. the candlelight is so warming it does feel like a hearth.

  4. Personally I think the space you have created is deeply spiritual. Just divine Lori.

  5. Beautiful, Lori, just beautiful. Inspirational.


  6. Extremely atmospheric Lori, very beautiful

  7. candles are mobile hearths, designed to provide coziness and sacredness anywhere

    1. Yes! You are absolutely correct!

  8. This is so magical Lori! It truely does create a sacred space and atmosphere.

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