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The Virgin

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The Experienced Crone

I am exploring aspects of Hestia. Just as in the mysteries, Demeter unfolds as a Triple Goddess, so the little written about Hestia has three aspects. Demeter’s three facets incorporate Persephone and Hecate.

While the Demeter facet represents vegetative forces her Hecate aspect is seen in the dark chthonic forces, immanent, stirring deep within the earth. But what of Hestia? What aspects lurk here?

As I have my pencils in hand, as I sit drawing in a meditative state, I have been contemplating the aspects of Hestia, Red Serpent, Lady of the Fire, Web Builder, Wise One.

In his ground breaking work, The Great Mother, Eric Neuman acknowledges that “at the center of the mysteries over which the female group presided stood the guarding and tending of the fire. As in the house round about, female domination is symbolized in its center, the fireplace, the seat of warmth and food preperation, the hearth, which is also the altar.”

Invariably we will find Hestia in her above ground facet, tending to the fire, maintaining and preserving her hearth. But this is only one aspect. The challenge is to unravel others and create a more complete tapestry by the hearth.

Heather Blakey
August 2009

6 responses

  1. I love this meditation and will think more on the web and tapestry unravelling – thanks Heather.

  2. I just came across a lovely poem to Hestia at this site:

    Elsa Gidlows “Chains of Fire”

    Touching the match, waiting for creeping flame,
    I know myself linked by chains of fires
    To every woman who has kept a hearth …
    I see mothers, grandmothers back to beginnings,
    Huddled beside holes in the earth …
    Guarding the magic no other being has learned,
    Awed, reverent, before the sacred fire
    Sharing live coals with the tribe.

    I love the idea that tending my hearth connects to ‘grandmothers back to beginnings’. With that thought in mind I’ll go and make dinner for my family.

  3. your pictures really depict some of the various aspect of – well, of us all. Diversity within the one.

  4. mmmm, I too am allowing the threads of the web to weave their own story into my mind – your images are wonderful Heather …. whilst I am stitching away on the Blue/Winter Wild Mother images of a flame Red/Green/Spring Wild Mother/Maiden emerge 🙂

  5. These are remarkable portraits of aspects of Hestia, not just because they are marvellous in and of themselves, which they are, but also because they draw out attention and focus to the wider web of Hetsia’s meaning. The concept and challenge of unravelling Hestia’s myriad facets is awe inspiring !

  6. this gave me a lot to think about!

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