She is Me

I have been reading Jean Shinoda Bolen’s thoughts about feminine archetypes.    According to her paradigm that these archetypes take on the form of Greek goddesses, those that have reigned my psyche most of my life have been primarily Athena, Artemus and Hera.  Yet, as I grow older I find that Hestia, the anonymous wisewoman, is starting to take over.    I have jotted some of my feelings about this in my art journal.

I am she.  She is not “out there”.  She is inside of me, that force which is my spirit, my soul.  The yearning to be alone, to find the fire of the soul is a sign that the Hestia archetype is beginning to sitr.  Hestia is a part of me and I need to let her tend the flame.  As Hestia rises in my psyche, I have more desire to withdraw from others.  I feel complete and whole inside myself and need nothing from the outside.  She is me and together we tend the fire.

Now, that being said, the other parts of my personality — Athena, et al  —  are not taking too kindly to this.  They are the outgoing and relational aspects of my personality and they are clambering to keep their forward positions.  None of them want to get out of the driver’s seat.   Do I want to be Hestia all the time?   Today I do.  But tomorrow, when I have to face the demands of daily life, I need to tell Hestia that she needs to sit in the backseat for a while, and let her sisters take turn at the wheel as we navigate the outward life.

L. Gloyd (c) 2009

12 responses

  1. You have obviously given this a lot of thought. I have found Hestia to be in control for the past 2-3 years. I’m finding that I am looking inward more than trying to be out there. I am finding my art is reaching for deeper inner expression although it is in a state of flux right now. I love what you wrote, Lori, you appear to have it all together so-to-speak, and for that I envy you.

    Yesterday, the UPS guy delivered my Amazon order, three of Bolen’s books; Crossing to Avalon, Crones Don’t Whine and Goddess in Older Women. I’m looking forward to some pleasurable hours with my nose in those books.


  2. Your art journaling is exquisite Lori. The colours and the image; also your reflection has me thinking. I really must find out more about Hestia and check out that book you referred to, as from what I am learning I thinkthat perhaps Hestia is my primary goddess archetype. I have always preferred my own company and tend always towards being a loner. As time goes by increasingly I find that I am leaning more and more towards the life of a hermit (bearing in mind of course an active family life of 7 !!) Your posting has given me a lot to think about…as usual ! Thank you.

  3. I like the way you have described the Hestia archetype – I felt an aha moment when reading it. These days being alone and tending to my own pursuits brings me my greatest joy. I love your art work – your colours are so rich and warm.

  4. I love the art journalling and will have the picture of the woman by the open window in my head all day, as I looked at this in the morning. Thankyou (:

  5. This really is a very beautiful page Lori. I think it is the serenity that exudes from the page which I find very calming.

  6. Your page is lovely and inspiring! I love Jane Shinoda Bolen’s books. I haven’t read them in awhile. But I have not given them away because they are dear to me heart and I like to know they are there when I need them.

  7. Interesting insights-which are sometimes hard to capture.

  8. I am glad you have presented this–and rather sorry that Hestia has, and probably never will be, the persona I find compatible! so I am glad you find room for the other archetypes! In these days I find myself wanting to kick over the traces, leave the hearth-warming to those who are comfortable with themselves and their home places and charge around the world again. Fran

  9. Another beautiful spread Lori, and how well I relate to your thoughts – wrestling with the inner and outer lives and the demands that all make on us. Personally, I am definitely yearning for a time of retreat !

  10. I resonated reading and looking at these pages and what you wrote. Your pages are lovely and inspiring.

  11. Lovely spread and inspiring words. I too am happy with my own company, doing the things I enjoy, but I don’t get a lot of time to myself. That’s life!

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