Steps to Hestia

The call came


I had been yearning for

a deeper experience

But unsure how

I gathered my pen

and red spiral notebook

Put them into my backpack

Added a bottle of lavender oil

a wool shawl and water

I opened the door

By raven

by ferry

by foot

Present to every step

every breath

every sip of


I dreamed of this meeting

To find a seat

near Hestia

and gaze into her




10 responses

  1. Those first steps are very exciting, aren’t they?

  2. Sounds like you are well equipped for the journey. Travelling by raven sounds exciting.

  3. That call is irresistible. Welcome home Shelley!

  4. stunning-vibrant 🙂

  5. of course the notebook had to be red and nothing like a beginning and a walk

  6. how beautiful! … your steps resound, echoing to us all .

  7. Thank you everybody for your encouraging words! it’s good to be back in familiar and new mindscapes.

  8. Lavender oil! I’m going to try that next time I go out for a “write.”

  9. Your words are so quiet and gentle. This is a beautiful elegy to the Goddess within.

  10. beautiful words to approach Hestia with

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