Dance of Growth and Transformation

I made a hearth to welcome Hestia into my life, gathering containers and vessels that speak to me of creative transformation.
I ponder
vessel = woman = life
From the vessel that is the womb, having been sheltered, warmed, nourished and nurtured, life bursts forth


Hestia = cauldron = creative life

From the cauldron, in which my creative life is sheltered, nourished, protected, matter bursts forth
as we dance the dance of growth and transformation

Heather Blakey August 2009

12 responses

  1. I would like to do those things to Heather, I just haven’t thought about it this way. Thank you for the breath of fresh air.

  2. It’s interesting that you relate Hestia to cauldrons. I’ve been making altar spaces round my house – open neck jugs and vases are a major feature in them but I couldn’t work out why.

    I like the way you have extended the Hestia mythology – it really does breathe some creative fire into the project.

  3. Not only are your drawings incredible and powerful-but the images your words evoke are just–dazzling.

  4. This is quite synchronous. I have been considering doing an image on dance for my journal. We are on the same wavelength.

  5. Goodness i have been reading about the Bloomsbury set and Vivienne Eliot, first wife of TS Eliot, today and its made me think about the repression of women a lot with their art, in marriages that don’t work with egotists, anything for freedom to express (: the drawings are inspiring and a welcome relief from the biography i have been reading – thanks Heather.

  6. these images are superb Heather …. your interpretation/s/thoughts on Hestia are, indeed, giving me much food for thought … I have no idea where I am going yet with this project, but it will be somewhere 😉
    Your words echo for me the path I had begun to tread in the sketchbook challenge I did, In Gaia’s Garden – the essence of which is all about germination, gestation, rebirth, birth etc etc – so too the cloth I am working on now – the cauldron in generic terms, Kerridwen/Baba Yaga/Hecate – all about going back into the original energy to be reborn. Much to ponder on – great inspirational stuff Heather, thank you.

  7. Heather, you are in the process of reaching into the cauldron that is you and in so doing you are bringing forth such wisdom. Your images are incredible, your words profound. You are starting on a jorney that will bring you much peace and self satisfaction.


  8. Your work is always an inspiration! I hadn’t thought of Hestia and vessels but it makes good sense. I love the dance direction you are going in.

    Peace, Luna

  9. I think perhaps what is most exciting about this journey is how we are each trying to tease out what exactly Hestia means in each of our lives and how she manifests in our soul lives and our creativity. It is as if nothinbg is given, all is waiting, unbounded, a whole new inner territory waiting to be discovered. Your newsest paintings capture the spirit of this inner journey perfectly, and exquisitely. Thank you for taking us all on this voyage of discovery.

  10. growth and transformation – the meaning of life for me

  11. wow lots has been happening in here, finally got a chance to catch up and it all began with a dance (:

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