E=MC squared

Sometimes it is frightening to walk the pathways of this world.  I have no idea why I brought in Einstein’s equation to this image.  Maybe it represents that speaking the truth from the strength of our hearts is the only way we can navigate through perilous waters.

L. Gloyd (c) 2009

7 responses

  1. I hope today will be a better day for you.


  2. I echo Vi’s sentiments – great spread and good for you for standing up to a bully!

  3. Taking a stand here sends energetic ripples out and helps you deal with situations like this. This is a most powerful page. Turning to Einstein is perhaps turning to logic and strategy.

  4. There is a huge amount of power and inner strength portrayed on these journal pages. I do hope today is better for you. Thinking of you….

  5. I am just going to add my two cents here and agree w everyone else instead of saying it all over again…
    I do so love the imagery …

  6. Einstein has put forth some really spiritual ideas as well as the scientific ones. He seemed to be able to balance the two aspects, so would probably love to see your pages.

  7. This has made my day — i think your journal is wonderful journal = happiness +creativity squared.

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