Hai Mousai

“Hai Mousai”

Mixed media collage

Hai Mousai means The Muses in ancient Greek.  Originally, there were only three muses.  And they showed up in my journal.  Here is the journal entry text:

My posse is back!  My Muse showed up and she brought her girlfriends.  About three weeks ago, I started my art journal with a 5×7 spiral sketchbook and vowing only to use markers.  Now I’m using all kinds of media. And yesterday, well, yesterday I bought a fresh set of acrylic paints and actual canvas.

I haven’t painted on canvas for over seventeen years, ever since I moved into a tiny apartment with no studio space.

There are no more excuses.  I will paint on my bedroom floor if I have to.  The Girls will get after me if I don’t.

L. Gloyd (c) 2009

9 responses

  1. You Go, Girl! You can do it.


  2. I love the colours of your journal pages. It is fascinating to watch the Muses have their way with you!

  3. Yeah Lori! Let the Muses show you the way!

    In a tight spot I have painted on a small desk covered with packing paper (the brown kind).

  4. Great stuff Lori – I know what you mean about the muses coming back – since starting the Hestia blog they are getting active for me to. I can relate about not painting – acrylic paints and a canvas sound like a good start – good luck with it – I’d love to know how you get on. I’m still at the thinking about it stage.

  5. Your posse most certainly have been back and it has been fascinating to watch them take you buy the hand, lead you back to art stores and encourage you to take up art journalling. I know you don’t really need me to say it but stay with this project. The harvest is very rich indeed.

  6. Good work–how I wish I could find my way once more through the gate, you encourage the rest of us. Fran

  7. Fantastic Lori, am thrilled you will be painting again 🙂

  8. you’re an inspiration to the use of mixed media. I am slowly moving in that direction but, slowly. What you are doing shows the wisdom in allowing things to flow.

  9. paint paint paint!!!!

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