Altered book shrine

book shrineI made this little altered book shrine after reading Ch. 9 of WWRWW. It contains objects   that resonate with me on soul level but which I have been in danger of forgetting lately.  It measures about 6″ x 3″.  I guess you could call it a Soul Shrine.

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  1. What an extraordinary thing to make as a response to Chapter Nine. Your structure quite blows me away. The piece has the quality of one of those early iconic spiritual pieces. Just gorgeous Suzanne.

  2. Wow! What an unusual piece. I love how colorful it is as well as the niche for your special object in the middle. I wish my WWRWW would hurry up and arrive so I can see what prompted your unique creation.

    1. Hi Sally, i guess what prompted my shrine won’t be immediately obvious when you read the chapter. What is was the bit about how when we are really living inside our soul when we are young we pick up shells and stones and little keep sakes to remind us our experience. Reading that made me realise that’s it’s been years and years since I did anything like that.

      The thing at the centre of the shrine is a shell I picked up in about 1995 because it reminded me a buffalo. I was really into Native American stuff then and feel a need to go back and re-connect with that spirituality. The little stone above it I found at a disused copper mine in the Australian outback in 1998 – its azurite but the scan doesn’t do it justice. It reminds me of when I was brave enough to just pack the car and head into the unknown. I didn’t want to put all that personal info on the blog site.

      – Suzanne

  3. wow – how interesting!

  4. Oooo, you’ve inspired me to consider making a soul shrine too!

  5. wonderful way to create a soul shrine. I also liked the descriptions of your process and the selected items in your reply.

  6. i adore shrines of the ‘altered’ variety and this one is stunning – it is such a wonderful way of making sacred those little things, such as the stones and shells etc that speak to us. I may just have to follow suit

  7. It is an enheartening hommage to the humanness of an earlier self. A self still inside you somewhere. Wonderful stuff.


  8. this is perfect for WWRW chp 9. i am still mulling over everything in that chapter because it is so FULL and you have produced something small and exactly right.

  9. This is really incredible…

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