Green Tree

From our recent dialogue about Hildegard’s “greening”, I made this quick little sketch in my journal.  After I titled it the “Green Tree”, I realized that this was not quite the right name — but maybe there is some unconscious motive behind my naming a white tree “green”.  LOL.

L. Gloyd (c) 2009

9 responses

  1. Whatever the motif! The effect is wonderful. The concept of the Faithful Gardener is very similar to the wonderful Chinese Proverb you quote. Burn the fields and open them for seeds and growth will come. For those of us who have felt that our land has been razed this offers that all important hope.

  2. What a terrific proverb. I love the energy of your journal page – great way to transmit the vitality that is viriditas.

  3. I think your tree is delightful–Fran

  4. A superb image, Lori. And a proverb to think about and live by–


  5. This is lovely Lori – i used to have a recurring dream, one that stays with me – a tree not unlike the one you have pictured here with a bird – the bird had no voice, but nevertheless the tree was named the singing tree.
    Lovely, lovely spread 🙂

  6. What a great proverb! You amaze me in that you can use just two colors and make it feel full spectrum. I love that the tree is white and the background green.

  7. i enjoy watching your themes develop

    ‘i am oh my God but a tiny seed which Thou hast sown in the soil of Thy love and caused to spring forth by the hands of Thy Bounty’ Bahai writings

    I love trees, seeds, and colours — thanks for sharing Lori.

  8. your tree looks about ready to be fruitful, whether white or green. The green background provides the environment for the bursting forth of new growth. A perfect place for a bird to alight and sing.

  9. It’s a terrific tree…and the proverb is delightful…I love Chinese proverbs for that extra little something they tend to pack…

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