Tree of Hope

“Tree of Hope”
Digital Construction

The “greening” theme is still with me and has led me to the “Tree of Hope.” 

I had originally starting “sketching” this in Photoshop as a preliminary for a painting I was developing, but I liked how it was forming so I finished it as a digital construction.  I still plan to do a variation of this as a mixed media collage in my journal.

L. Gloyd (c) 2009

8 responses

  1. I very much like what has formed here Lori. The stark beauty of the tree is most striking.

  2. Sarah Joyce Bryant | Reply

    This is beautiful! It is amazing that you created it digitally. It is a magical piece that I can stare at and continue to see new things.

  3. Dang, Girl! You’ll have to refer to my comments on your blog.

  4. This really does speak of hope – a wonderful creation!

  5. Wow! Lori, you have surpassed yourself. This is absolutely gorgeous.


  6. i love how it glows (:

  7. one waits to see what will emerge

  8. This is so lovely….

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