Red Serpent Energy


Cosmic Energy, Creative Fertility Forces
by Heather Blakey August 2009

After reading The Faithful Gardener I have been left pondering upon the creative energy forces that are at work in the vast universe that surrounds us, of which we are a cog in the wheel of life. Life is given, life is taken, the cycle continues as it has continued for billions of years. In uncertain times change is the only certainty. Be it Viriditas, Duende, Tao, Qi, there is a cosmic force that is available which drives creativity. For some, it is the Red Serpent. For others it is something else.

8 responses

  1. I like this one! It has real power. Now you’ve got me off a new train of thought – the red serpent…mmm…What culture does that concept originate from I wonder? The purple shape at the front reminds me of an Easter Island head.

  2. This reminds me of the kundalini, the energy force that supposedly resides at the base of the spine. When it uncoils and rises up through the body, amazing things are said to happen.

  3. Ah, the Red Serpent. It represents so many things…sacred knowledge, the soul’s fire, purification by fire, etc. My favorite is the representation of all you are moving towards wholeness. Heather, your drawing makes me want to be a red serpent. It’s a major responsibility to myself, but if red serpents breathe fire, I can roast my own marshmellows!

  4. mmmm wonderful fire energy – red serpent/dragon energy – kundalini rising – all that and so much more – speaks volumes in all tongues 🙂

  5. Yes the wheel turns and i love this idea of thinking about all the cosmic forces.

  6. very much the kundalini energy rising

  7. I love all the imagery packed into this picture…not to mention there is so much to ponder here as well….

  8. I’ve just had an aha moment where I’ve realised that the purple shape in the front of your drawing is a shed skin. Now I’m starting to get the concept …

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