Scribble Leaves and Hugging Heritage


Scribble Leaves

What does the writing
On the leaves mean?
Who put it there
Insect, human or Goddess?

hugging heritage

Hugging Heritage

Wrap your arms around
the source of your breath.

Wrap your arms around the
green life.

Wrap yourself into the story
of the carving.

(c) June Perkins

World Citizen Dreaming

9 responses

  1. Now that you ask I must wonder if the language of the trees is like hieroglyphics and can be translated. If it were we might learn much more about the meaning of life. Beautiful work June.

  2. oh, don’t you love those scribbles? I have always been fascinated by the drawings of nature.


  3. Beautiful.

  4. such a sweet picture

  5. There is no greater artist than Nature herself. Whenever I hug a tree I feel it sharing its life-giving energy and I know that in its own way it is speaking to me.

    Good work, June.


  6. Few people know that nature can write and trees can hug you back. Loved both images.

  7. so touching, as always …. i shall certainly be making many more leaf prints in the future, i can hear a cloth calling who requires them … perhaps the story being told by the leaves will unfold.

  8. The poem could be used as a meditation mantra. Just perfect.

  9. These really are rather like koans…so much packed into such small space…so many ideas there….

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