The Medial Woman

“The Medial Woman”

Art Journal Mixed Media Painting

Estes writes this in chapter 9 of Women Who Run with the Wolves:  “The medial woman stands between the worlds of consensual reality and the mystical unconscious and mediates between them.   The medial woman is the transmitter and receiver between two or more values or ideas. She is the one who brings new ideas to life, exchanges old ideas for innovative ones, translates between the world of the rational and the world of the imaginal.”  (p. 312).

Am I a medial woman?  There are lesser things to which I could aspire.

L. Gloyd (c) 2009

8 responses

  1. Fabulous !!

  2. Oh! This is terrific…thank you….

  3. The perfect picture for the perfect definition of a medial woman!

  4. Oh, Lori, this is great.


  5. As a medial woman I can say quite categorically that it is a satisfying role. This is a fabulous image Lori and a wonderful response to this concept.

  6. I really enjoy the melding of art and words to create a whole experience. All we need add is some music to complete it. I resonate with the idea of a medial woman.

  7. i am enthralled by the expression on her face.

  8. Anyone with kids and a husband is a medial woman – for sanity’s sake. Love the painting.

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