Cape of Wings

The overcast morning lulled me into a false early morning. My back stiff from sleep I could not rouse myself. Black wings caress my face. Warm and comforting. I turned my face to see my soul cape wrapped like a blanket around my body. I leaned forward to get up and the wings receded from where they came from. I looked near my shoulders and a soft dark haze hovered there.

Hot coffee sat waiting for me. A small smile passed my weary face. I opened the back door and eagerness came fluttered into my heart wanting to be outside to fly and be one with the sky. But I am earth bound. Where does this feeling come from? I catch my reflection and my soul cape is spread wide to catch the breeze and fly away.

I walk the garden and inspect the herbs and flowers in the damp morning. Slowly my soul cape recedes and I cannot see it at all. Only in that sleeping state can I see it. Or when I need the armor to protect me can I feel it near. Some soul capes might be golden or a rainbow of colors. Mine is black like the swift night with the faintest glimmer of darkest blue.

My soul cape first appeared to me as a young girl when I saw a friend fall into the sea. As fear griped me as we sped off to the hospital a curious feeling of wrapped comfort held me. I never thought for a moment I was an angel. I was too ignorant to be such. Angels are all knowing and I certainly am not that.

I am not sure if my soul cape gives me power. I never bothered to ask my father about it. He had not encouraged my imagination. I am not sure if it helped my escapism during the dark years of my youth. Is my soul cape intelligent? Is it separate from me? Or does it simply react to what I am feeling? On this morning I know it is there and will come to comfort me when I need of it.


7 responses

  1. mmmm that wonderful feeling of being held, wrapped in your natural being, this is lovely.

  2. This is very peaceful. What a lovely feeling to have on waking. Its like your sleep has taken you back into your soul and refreshed your waking self.

  3. Your soul cape seems to be available whenever you need its comforting power.


  4. such a soothing comfort and power there…beautiful…

  5. a soul cape a visibility cape (:

  6. My soul cape has shielded me through some very dark times, wrapping itself around me, much like a comforter. Such soothing imagery Luna.

  7. you capture so well that delicious moment of waking that is repleat with possibilities. So many and so real we can remind ourselves of it all being ours at other necessary moments.

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