The Dark Stranger

“Dark Stranger”, mixed media art journal entry

Not everything is perfect in Hestia’s realm.  There are sometimes necessary disturbances that serve to propel us onward and upward.  The Dark Stranger is one of them.   Here is a journal entry based on a dream I had a few nights ago.  The image of the man is exactly what I saw in the dream.

The text of the journal reads:

I had a dream this morning, just before I woke up, about a man who was entirely in the shadows.  I thought he was there to help me, but then I realized, in the dream, that he was there to harm me.  He looked like the classic dark stranger who Dr. Estes writes about.

She says:

“The dark man in women’s dreams appears when an initiation…is imminent…this occurs in order to raise a storm in the psyche so that some energetic work can be done…Something has gone radically amiss in the outer world, in personal life, or in the outer collective culture.” (pp. 68-69, WWRWTW)

What that thing is that is amiss in my outer realm could be one of many.  The Dark Stranger will force the Medial Women to identify it, contend with it and bring some sort of resolution.  She can do it, I have no doubt.

L. Gloyd (c) 2009

9 responses

  1. If the dark stranger is part of the outer world may we all be safe from the dream, from within ourselves we may be able to help but in the affairs controlled by the outer we must leave the comfort of the hearth. Fran

  2. This is fabulous stuff Lori. It’s quite amazing how working with Hestia and WWRWW is taking so many of us down into the depths of ourselves. You are brave to post this stuff and I’m sure you are equal to the task of dealing with it.
    Oh – and I love the sickly yellow and the green blacks of your journal pages – perfect for setting the dark stranger mood.

  3. I have not read WWRWW, but it is obvious that I must get myself a copy so I know better what you are all talking about.

    Your image is so eerily fantastic.


  4. you have wonderfully represented the image from your dream – good going Lori !

  5. To some, remembering a dream is a challenge. For you to not only remember but recreate is amazing.
    It gave me a feeling of danger with the colors. It is good that you could tie to the words written by Dr. Estes to help interpret.

  6. i love your mixed media creations Lori, a dream journal sounds in order…. my daughter is keeping one about cat dreams (:

  7. The colour is magnificent Lori. Simply acknowledging the presence of the dark stranger seems potent to me. I sense that this stranger loses some of his power once he is identified like this.

  8. They say that what how we handle things in our dreams, or even facing our dreams, makes it easier to conquer our fears later should the same arise in our lives. Using words or art to illustrate it must really take away its steam. Your art journal is a great example of facing the dark stranger we all encounter at one time or another.

  9. Sarah Joyce Bryant | Reply

    I loved this post so much that I went to my local used book store today and looked for Women Who Run With Wolves and guess what? I found it! Yay! Now I will have to start reading it. When I first saw your dark stranger he seemed so familiar to me. Seems he has been lurking in my dreams as well.

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