My Soul Cape

There is no image here and my art journal pages for this week are bare.  I’ve struggled for several days to nail down an image of what my Soul Cape looks like.  I got nothing for you.  And then it finally struck me:  my soul cape is invisible.

My soul cape cannot be seen because it is like all things of the spirit: it is comprised of faith and the desires of the heart and such things cannot be seen with the naked eye.

My soul cape is woven of pure energy and enwraps me.  Its warp is love and its weft is power.   It has, I’m sorry to say, been torn or ripped over the years and has been repaired with threads of other emotions, some not so pretty or strong.   I keep those parts of the cape out of sight and wear it so only the good side shows.

My soul cape, most of the time, is capable of deflecting the worst assaults on my spirit. I pull it around me when the arrows head my way and I walk away unscathed and in one piece.  However, sometimes, when I have not been tending to my cape by keeping it clean and well-pressed, it doesn’t work as it should and it absorbs the projectiles of bad feelings hurled at me by others.  The arrows stick to it and  and it becomes so heavy that sometimes I cannot move.  And sometimes, fortunately not often, when I have been very negligent and don’t immediately shake off the muck that sticks to it after an attack,  my cape becomes quite capable of clearing a room with its own negative energy.

So I wish I could show you my cape – these days it has been quite brilliant and flows along behind me as I sashay through life.   It has been gathering goodness and light from the other kindred creative souls that have lately crossed my path.  That is the good thing about a soul cape: it absorbs the good as well as the not-so-good.

I wish I could depict my cape for you – but you’ll have to take my word for it:  it is radiant and brilliant.  Just as well, it is probably too bright for the human eye to stand….

L. Gloyd (c) 2009

9 responses

  1. Sarah Joyce Bryant | Reply

    I love this! I love how you have taken what might seem like a creative block and turned it on its head realizing that some things are so brilliant that they must remain within our imagination!

    I really need to focus on my Soul Cape. You have sparked my imagination and maybe something wonderful will emerge today while I run around and do my chores. Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

  2. I think this is a most apt and beautiful description of a prize worthy cape….

  3. This is great, Lori. You speak of your soul cape as a real though intangible creation. It is something we all have though few of us recognize it as such, and even fewer of us pay it the attention it deserves. This is a wonderful depiction of what a soul cape should be. Thank you for sharing yours with us. May it gather and absorb all that is good around you.


  4. Lori, I think you have shown us your soul cape only too clearly – this is a wonderful piece. As you described it i could see it, in my minds eye of course – i love the idea of the cape wafting behind you as you traverse through life, brilliant imagery 🙂

  5. I agree with all the comments here. Your words describe your soul cape in a very vivid way. I feel I can see it. I love the way you have seen the cape as evolving and changing in response to life. I think you’ve tapped into some vital clue as to the nature of the soul here.

  6. I envy you your lovely cape. Fran

  7. Your lovely cape, sweeping behind and swirling around you like a Queens train sounds magnificent Lori.

  8. wonderful description of a soul cape – isn’t it lovely to know we all have such a potent space surrounding us that reflects who we are even as it protects us?

  9. Your soul cape is a lovely thing indeed, Lori.

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