My Bare Bones

I made a map of my heart so that I could find my way back to writing  and found it led to my Bare Bones….



I wrote a love story.

There was kissing involved and chocolates and I think a sunset or two.

I don’t know what had gotten into me, I couldn’t decided if it was a demonic possession situation or that bang on the head I took when I accidently slammed the freight elevator gate door at work on my head.

Love stories.


Next up I wrote a story about a woman who killed a person  just so that she could say she did it. There were chocolates involved  and a sunset or three and at that point I realized I had written another love story.

I had no idea what had gotten into me.

Could I be in some sort of rut?

I gave it another try and this time  I wrote a story about a strong woman who  independant and liked chocolates and deep meaningful conversation with people who were just like her and there were even more sunsets than in the other two stories and what do you know-

 I had written another love story.

Then I panicked when I realized that I wasn’t in a rut.

I was lost.

Totally adrift.

I drowned my sorrows in a few McDonalds cheeseburgers and fries and tried yet again to write.

Who the heck was writing this stuff and putting my name on it?




I did it.

So what to do, what to do.

How do I deal with a woman who has allowed the world to hijack her brain and fill it with ideas  and dreams that aren’t her own?

I know.

Let’s kiss her goodbye and  drown her in chocolate at sunset.

I know, I realize this is a love story- but this is one I can be proud of

it is very, very

anita marie


11 responses

  1. It is very anita marie, well done. You’ve got me hooked (and giggling) once again.

  2. Death by chocolate…. there are worse ways to go.

  3. As usual, I am laughing. Fran

  4. Cool! I confess that I have drowned more than a few sorrows with some McDonalds Cheesburgers and LARGE fries. The fries always seem to work, more so than chocolate really.

  5. I’ll take the chocolate way out any day. Go with a big smile on my face.


  6. I’ve resorted to fries and chocolate but not at the same time. Great stuff as usual AM

  7. Oh, Anita Marie…I love you! You fill my heart with laughter and my belly with giggles.

  8. Oh you guys thank you and…group hug everybody!

  9. This one made me smile and crave chocolate and some sunsets! ~Luna

  10. chocolate – hmmmm! anything with chocolate is wonderful! Does the skeleton thnk so, too?

  11. Sarah Joyce Bryant | Reply

    Yummy! Chocolate and McDonald’s Cheeseburgers! Does it get any better? This is really great. Love the picture of the skeleton.

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