My Soul Cape


When I was a kid me and my little brother had a magic act.

We were around 8 and 9 years old and we were a couple of screw ups who couldn’t do anything right

but we were darn fine Magicians.

We had props and capes and hats and we even hand wands that spit out flowers ( most of the time ).



What does any of this have to do with My Soul Cape?

My Soul Cape was my  stage name.

The Amazing Anita.


Whenever I need a boost, when I am not feeling so wonderful I picture my little brother waving his arms around and yelling out to the world:

” Ladies and Gentlemen….may I introduce …the one and only



a.m. moscoso

3 responses

  1. So now, with your cape flying around you, you can go forth fearlessly and amaze us with more words from the Amazing Anita Marie. I don’t know how you do it babe! This is one soul cape I am totally envious of.

  2. how delightful that as children you and your brother were magicians – what fun that must have been for you both.

  3. Sarah Joyce Bryant | Reply

    How fun it must have been to be a magician when you were young. I like how you said you couldn’t do other things the way you wanted but you were great at magic. You are still “amazing” at magic and it shows through your creativity. How wonderful that you connected to that at such a young age and are connected to it now 🙂

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