Blue Box of Curiosities

Bombay Sapphire gin advertisement

Carol found this Bombay Gin blue box filled with curiosities. This is inspiring me to think about what I can do with a box that I acquired some time ago. It only allows much smaller items but I daresay these will lead to a story or drawing of some kind.

4 responses

  1. oh this is fantastic – i love these kind of boxes, always so full of interest and fascination.

  2. boxes, secrets, and joys, objects and toys, boxes that are never opened and those that are.. great idea for a prompt…

  3. We have a TV programme called ‘The Collectors’ and one of the nicest collections they’ve had on was a similar sort of box with (small) compartments and it was filled with blue ‘found’ objects. They were all tiny things that the woman had collected on walks. Lovely image.

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