The Solution

In my last post, I spoke about energy parasites and pondered a solution. Here it is.

The text:  Whenever life throws you a curve, STAND FIRM, WALK TALL.

PS:  And I just noticed that I made the foot with only four toes:  which is interesting since I traced my own foot.. and I guarantee that I do have five toes.   LOL!!!!!

L. Gloyd (c) 2009

12 responses

  1. There must be a psychological reason for having only four toes when you traced five. Mmm…that could be the start of a great fictional piece…maybe for Halloween.


    1. Yes, I wondered about the unconscious reason for this — even though I may SAY this is the solution, do I really FEEL that way? Standing firm and walking tall may be a bit difficult to do with only 4 toes.

      Actually, when I traced my foot, I didn’t draw the line separating the baby toe from the fourth toe and then I painted it as one toe without thinking. That’s what happens when you paint late at night.

  2. lovely and strong, both the colours and the sentiment expressed – balance 🙂

  3. Well…four is a sacred number. I’d still like you if you had only four toes.

    Bright colors commanded my attention. Liked both the presentation and content!

  4. A very empowering piece of art work Lori. This is a most positive ‘stand’.

  5. Great colours – they look regal – very, very strong and empowering

  6. Four Toes…you know, that tickled me.If you gotta stand firm its so much cooler if you can do it with a smile.

    1. If I had traced six toes— now that would have been funny!

      1. You got me there Lori

  7. when I saw the 4 toes before reading your explanation, I assumed you were showing (not telling) how the 4 toes was the “curve” life threw, yet the toenails could still be painted prettily and allow you to walk firmly, regardless.

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