Pondering the Season of Change

“Pondering the Season of Change”

Winter is a time when the earth rests, when nature takes a breath after the veriditas of Spring and Summer.  Autumn is when we begin to slow down and acknowledge the coming of this deep respite of the earth.  Autumn is the time of harvest festivals and thanksgiving days.  It is the period when we ponder the season of change.  Autumn is a season of reflection before the onset of Winter Night.

L. Gloyd (c) 2009

Image:  montage of hand-drawn, computer-generated, and photographic elements.


10 responses

  1. Autumn is indeed a time of reflection. Your lovely image speaks of this.


  2. Another gorgeous image – you really are clever with your use of colour – here the subdued lilacs create a tranquil, reflective mood. Well done.

  3. This is really soothing Lori. What a lovely way to express seasonal change, heralds a time for quiet contemplation.

  4. Your beautiful creation brought me great peace. I looked at it at length and just felt calm, reflective, and sated. It has inspired me to write. Thank you for being my muse today!

  5. Beautiful painting. Autumn was the season I missed the most when I caame to OZ. I used to love the smells of autumn and the changing colours.

  6. The painting was wonderful, but I really enjoyed the way you described the coming winter.
    Anita Marie

  7. the art is so touching (:

  8. another beautiful montage

  9. Sarah Joyce Bryant | Reply

    Beautiful artwork. I am welcoming Autumn with open arms. It is my favorite and most reflective season. The beginning of hibernation before the rebirth.

  10. good words to remember as the darkness comes earlier each night.

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