Winter’s night nostalgia

Down here in S.E. Oz we seem to have entered the land of perpetual winter.  The weather warmed up a month or so ago and spring sprung with a riot of flowers.  Since then storm after storm has swept up from Antartica bringing rain, hail and snow on the ranges.  I can see more snow on the mountains behind the town than I could  in the winter.

When I retreat indoors and shut out the world every thing seems to slow down.  An obscure  mood of nostalgia for a past I have never known seems to seep out of the clouds.

posted by Suzanne

Digital collage -  love letters and postcards from the 1920s and  garden flowers

Digital collage - love letters and postcards from the 1920s and garden flowers


8 responses

  1. That little splash of color was so neat-I’m a Winter person so I’m looking foward to the long dark cold nights.


  2. i like that delightful collage (:

  3. Oooo, do you have pictures of Ozian snow? How cool!

  4. It has been a particularly cold winter and the last cold snap has been icy with winds coming in from the Antarctica. Like you being indoors by the fire kindles a deep yearning and I too can become quite nostalgic.

  5. Sarah Joyce Bryant | Reply

    Oh, your digital collage is SO beautiful! I MUST figure out how to do that! I could stare at it for hours. I love how you have combined the old love letters with the flowers.

  6. It’s a beautiful collage! I enlarged it so I could look at the details. I love that it is black and white with a splash of color.

    It is autumn here in Sacramento,California. The leaves are just beginning to get color. The weather went from superhot to delightfully perfect…almost spring like.

    Forecast is for a storm to pass through in a few days. I can’t wait to take a walk!!

  7. lovely collage – where is SE Oz?

  8. Great collage Suzanne. The weather has been cold and wet and the winter longer, this year.

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