Winter Night Awakening


As Winter’s Night approaches there is a window of opportunity. Enchanteur has been hibernating and Lemurian roads, villages, hamlets and residences have all been cloaked in silence. With the arrival of Winter’s Night, light is returning to Lemuria and, for those who are quick, there is an opportunity to slip through the portal and continue the adventure. It is a bit like the pause button has been turned off and the narrative has resumed.

Travel lightly, enter Lemuria and pick up where you left off, or start all over again.

The SS Vulcania, which has been in dry dock for months, will sail again in the lead up to Christmas, so those who are travelling the Serpentine Road might want to make haste and navigate those pathways.

If you are joining in make sure your blogs are listed on primary blogs such as the Vulcania, the Serpentine Road and Hestia’s Hearth.

5 responses

  1. Yippee – I can sense Almurta tugging at Shadow’s reins already. I love the picture too.

  2. I have a couple of subscribers to my Vulcania log and I recently posted a short story about being in dry dock and redirected interested parties to my other blogs.

    Ms. Gigi is so excited to hear that she can hang with Speck again!

  3. Osbeth has continued her musings while the others were otherwise occupied. Glad the Vulcania is about to be active again.

  4. Am delighted the Vulcania will be voyaging again, although I suspect Morgaine will be cabin-bound – well cave bound securely seated at the hearth of Hestia 🙂 – it is just too good a place to leave – I feel like I am home.

  5. Heather, your drawings keep taking on more depth and insight. I really like this composition.

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