Into the City

I was pondering a recent trip downtown, into the heart of the city, and this image emerged from my musings.  I really don’t know what to make of it.   It seems to have something to do with alienation and an absence of “belongingness”.  Other than that, I can’t really say what’s its all about.

The text:  The City, Medusa Reigns,  in the midst, fiction a lie, Shadows, Wilderness, Belonging.

LJG (c) 2009

5 responses

  1. My recent trips back into the city have ended up with Medusa screams. Life in the sticks trots along at a much slower pace 🙂 Great page Lori.

  2. What an interesting spread Lori – living within an oasis in the inner city I can totally empathise with what you express here – although only literally a minute or two away from my front door the noise, dirt, light etc always throws me – that and all those people! Fabulous pages -this journal is such a wonderful work.

  3. Your journal just keeps getting better and better! You may be an alien, but you belong with us! (hee!)

  4. i love these journal entries, keep it up!

  5. This is so cool! I really must get into this art journaling thing!

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