feeling the heat

I don’t know what sparked the flame, or tended the flame that was already there, where, I don’t know.  time has passed is what I know and the days are bittercold.  I went for a walk down to the thrift store in town called Bibles For Missions.  Nice Dutch lay volunteers.  Looking for another pair of warm jammies.  I bought a pair there last week that are white flannel with a beautiful blue rose pattern.  Not usual for me.  When I saw them, though, they reminded me of the teaceup and saucer set my mother brought out for special guests when I was very young.  A thin fine bone china pattern of delicate blue roses on a white background.  When I was good, or good enough for her, she brought it down from high up in the cupboard now and then to let me drink a small bit of milk out of it.  I loved the feel of the featherlite china in my small hands.

It is becoming so very cold.  I went back to the Mission looking for wooelen scarves, hats, or mitts.  No luck there, but I found a knitted wool cardigan of thick luscious wool in shades of earthy brown.  Only four dollars!  Lord now…I could walk through snowstorms with this on over a long sleeved shirt!  Just now I took the girls out back for a romp-a-round.  By “the girls” I mean the dogs.  Shamelessly I admit they remind me of my girls, the wild pony children I raised.  One of the dogs, Nara, is a special needs dog, came with health problems but is big and playful and loyal.  The dog I adopted earlier, Willow, is like my youngest girl, moody and demanding but oh so beautiful. 

Sitting on the flaking blue painted picnic table I pulled the wool sweater around me and felt only warmth against the bitter wind a-blowin.  The dry leaves scatter and betatter about, while a carpet of leaves swirls madly on the surface of the now icy water of the blue pool.  The trees of many colours, bright red and gold predominating, sway furiously in a wind that is both east and westerly and beasterly all at once.  Still I feel only deep warmth on my body other than my face tilted back to take in the gray sky with dark angry smudges ploughing to the east like theys was gonna overtook somethin.

Everywhere around me there is movement, life, change.  The dogs play, the leaves run, the water swirls, the clouds roll.  And I sit, firmly seated at the foot of Hestia’s Hearth.  How did I get here?  And when?  I can’t tell you.  I just sort of woke up here.  It is my desperate wish to remain for time enough to heal from the long nothing stillnessness. 


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  1. You know I think what warms me most is your relationship with these wild pony dogs. And I do love reading about your visit to the charity store. Only yesterday I took surplus there and came away with a nifty grater that will fit easily in the draw of my butchers block. With us having all gone different ways my hearth is most complete when I am surrounded by dogs and, for that matter, any other creatures. Right now a group of gorgeous, big eyed, woolly four legged ones are eating away the long grass in the extra yard I have access to. The rams out there are saving me from paying for someone to cut it with a ride on mower. And I can play at being the farmers wife without the bother of actually having a farmer to look after. 🙂

    1. Just the other night I was looking at a couple of goats and some lovely little lambs that were for sale nearby and within my price range. LOL I honestly thought about how wonderful it would be to have them in the grand yard out back but for sure I’m too close to the city at Dorian’s house to get away with it. I don’t think he’d be happy that I bought him some tiny goats neither without asking. But what a laugh.

  2. My daughter, husband, and I just can’t seem to get enough of our Shihzpoo, Corbin. He is hysterically funny and my favorite time is cuddling on the couch after everyone else leaves in the morning.

    You sound so happy with your wild pony dogs, Steph. I loved the part about you sitting on the picnic table warm and observing the season changing within your sight. I felt peace.

  3. Yes, we all seem to find our healing and respite comes in on the paws of cats or dogs. Joyously wrapping themlves around our ankles, or begging us to play in the snow with them, they are a magic, and love that ask nothing more than love in return.

    I should so like to see a pic of your wild pony daughters!!


  4. “a wind that is both east and westerly and beasterly all at once” – oh yes, just the sort of winds we get here on the sea coast in the more horrible months of the year. Thank goodness for the cuddles of our furry friends to warmth our hearts

  5. I’d like to see pictures too, of your wild pony dog family. We can learn so much from our four legged friends.


  6. pets are such apart of our lives, and our healing. We just had a hospice patient whose dog died just seconds after he did. And we find that at the end of their lives, people still are processing their grief regarding the death of their pets from many years ago.

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