Unity’s Garden

heart space

(For reference and orientation to this character and her friends visit Unity Bell’s Cabin)

Unity and her friends stood at the entrance to the next cave. It was an ancient tree with a heart opening. They had a positive feeling about this cave.

Kiona went ahead and they could hear her exclaiming ‘ Oh I cannot believe the garden in here.’ They followed, and Armful of Tiger Lillies was singing the most uplifting tune inside Unity’s head.

‘In the garden of Thy heart plant naught but the rose of love’

Shruti was speechless, and seemed far less anxious than she had before. She was busily identifying all of the plants

‘hibiscus, ginger, roses….’

It did not make sense that so many kinds of flowers could exist so harmoniously in one space, but they did.

Then there were the birds. A bird no bigger than a butterfly flew over Unity’s shoulder. It had a black coloured head, and yellow jacketed body. It was delightful. She put her hand out and it flew over her.

Just as they were settling in they felt the sprinkling of rain – a rain which began to pelt down so they went to seek shelter in the garden.

‘Oh what I would give to always live in a garden like this,’ Unity said aloud.

Shruti sighed, ‘Yes it is just so beautiful the way it rambles, we can stay here awhile can’t we,’

The donkey’s were all delighted, even with the heavy rain. It was like being in a delightful dream.

It was then that they first came across Nature girl.

honey bee in the flowers

One of the many flowers in Unity’s trek in the Garden

Nature Girl had a personality that was full of bravado and mischief. Although she loved all animals, she did not like them upsetting ecosystems they did not belong in. So cats and toads got into a lot of trouble in her domain.

She looked at Unity quizically ‘Who are you?’
‘Ah… yes, you look like a unity’.

She bounced up and stroked the donkey’s ears.
‘Now you must take care in this garden, as long as you are in in balance with everything you will be okay.’

‘And if not’ ventured Shruti.

Nature Girl looked at Shruiti, ‘Listen to the pond’s song…. and it will tell you.’

She giggled and ran off.

Kiona was curious, ‘So then let’s find the pond and listen to it.’

The women and their three donkey companions, Armful of Tiger Lillies, Ariadne and Absolute Bullet Proof set off through the fields of flowers to find the pond. It was Ariadne that discovered it first. They heard its song…

‘I hate toadpoles,’ the girl with the black pool eyes exclaims.
‘They must be kept away from our pond.’
She says this with a wave of her magic net wand.

‘Toads need to be deposed
From ruling our garden’
So she whispers the toad exploding spell.

She does one of those goofy spoofy dances
And the toads can’t help but laugh
‘What a cheeky girl’
That’s when she hits them with metal of the dettol.

The Queen of the pond with no lotus
Knows that she is on top of these pests
So now it’s time to have some rest.

She can contemplate the new water lillies she will buy
And think about all the fish who will no longer
be bothered by the toadpoles.

(c) June Perkins

creek in flight

3 responses

  1. Oh, the image of the grove is amazing!

  2. What amazing names your characters have. I particularly like the donkey names. The tree photo is wonderful.

  3. Love the pond song – made me chuckle 🙂
    The character names are fabulous too – enjoyed as always.

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