Into the Rising of the Day

I’ve finished my art journal and I’ve put the images into video slide show.     You’ve seen many of the images already, but there are many that I haven’t shown yet.    It is interesting to me, and hopefully to you, to see the progression of the art.   I cross over the threshold into Hestia’s home, sit by the fire, ponder both the lovely and the unsettling, and then go right back out into the rising of the day.

Few things are linear in this world — everything circles right back around.  So I have no doubt that I will find my way back to the hearth very soon.  Keep the fires stoked.

Until then,


Art and video:  L. Gloyd (c) 2009

6 responses

  1. Every single page of your journal is so moving, Lori. I resonated with many of them, but nevertheless, each is a work of thoughtful beauty. You are so incredibly talented. I admire your work greatly.

  2. Oh Lori what a glorious piece of work – seeing the whole page after page is such a treat, thank you.

  3. What a wonderful journal. Each page is colorful and thought provoking. The images are brilliant, the writing comes from the heart. Great work, Lori.


  4. This is truly spectacular Lori. What a wonderful project to have undertaken by the hearth. More power to you.

  5. A journal is something I’ve always wanted to do but never get around to. What an achievement to have filled your whole journal. I’ve enjoyed viewing it. Thanks for sharing.

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