My Soul Cloak

My Soul Cloak? Hrmmmmnnnnnnnhhhh… I must ponder this, not for long though, my instincts usually don’t steer me wrong.

To me, Soul and Spirit are rather interchangeable, despite nit-picking to the contrary. Soul means the eternal something we all had when we were born, that part which idenditifies with your chosen Diet (ies).

I think the distinction betwixt the two words is this; the Soul is attached to a physical form for the span of that lifetime. A Spirit can exist on the physical plane of awareness, to a degree, without a physical form.

So… Does my Soul Cloak have any relation to my Scar Coat? I should think so, the scars were earned in the trenches, as it were, and my scars are an integral part of my personal beauty.

Had I not experienced things that would create lasting scars, I would not shine like I seem to be doing frequently these days.

And what about my Dream Coat? Surely I cannot forget that! Dreams are what keep you going when nothing else will, not even promises. Dreams allow us to retain innocence and joy. I’d need all the accessories I use to do what I do, so this has to be an enormous cloak!! Blessed with delightful pockets and small bags, with intriguing shapes tucked into them. And I would make it with an oversized hood, so that I could create a wee spot of privacy whenever and wherever I wished.

The cloth for my cloak would be spun of stardust and glamourie. I would dye it with dewdrops and snuggles, soften it with sunshine and the scent of favourite flowers, lavender, chamomile, alyssum, and roses, and the smell of well-loved earth.

I would lay it out and cut it with an eye towards the future, and sew it with ties from my past. Sparkling like the finest diamonds, the magical days of my life decorate the cloak that swirls around me, from my shoulders to my feet.

Hiding in the shadows of the cloth are the darkest times I have known, the times that taught me some of the most important lessons of this lifetime. For decoration I have sewed in favourite films, old jokes, and family not-too-exaggerated legends.

The outside of my cloak feels like a high-quality Plushy Animal, the sort of texture that dares you and begs you to bury your fingers in the downy pile. Since Soul Cloaks are often used in comforting the shoulders are padded with Gore-Tex so they dry quickly after being cried upon.

Soul Cloaks are frequently used as a shelter for someone needing a respite, so the inside must be light and pleasant, so they are comfortable. The cloak will be lined with smooth linen, line-dried and fresh-pressed, the fabric is embroidered in dainty satin stitches, all sort of interesting minutiae to get a conversation going when someone needs to talk, but doesn’t know where to start.

My cloak also needs to rest lightly, so as never to be burdensome, and strong enough to last all the lifetimes I am blessed with. It also needs to be well provisioned with laughter, hugs and kisses, and encouragement.

There is always a warm pot of hope and the back of the stove, and there are plenty of mugs for everyone. I can play music for you, whatever genre, and volume you desire (within reason on the volume, please).

Last but not least my, Soul Cloak must reflect my faith and ideals, loving, honest, honourable, and straightforward. And that is how I made my Soul Cloak.

2 responses

  1. Your soul cloak sounds warm and wonderful – I like the fact that snuggles go into the making of it. You have a very encompassing vision and imagination.

  2. Now I would like to contemplate a dream coat with many deep pockets. This piece is full of so much soul Gwen.

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