The cloth I began at the beginning of the year is finished, complete …. backed and bound and ready to hang.

On returning to the initial story of the cloth  I read the last words:

“These are the seeds of possibilities, of dreams, stories, tales and wishings which can be made real by your creative hand”

“You know this cauldron is one of regeneration and inspiration.  It is where fears are put to death allowing the energy that is released to be born again in a new and fruitful form.  If a person has the courage to come to the cauldron, then that person has the courage to continue their journey.  And so you have”.

“All that is required of you is that you sit by the fire burning within Hestia’s Hearth and let the creative flame that she placed within you at your birth, bear its fruit.  Nothing more”.

I will be staying close by Hestia’s Hearth, it is the place for me right now.  The seeds for my next endeavours were planted during this last year in Gaia’s Garden where, I realised, all things are possible:

5 responses

  1. Standing ovation!!!!! Congratulations. It is splendiforuous!

    And I really resonate to the words in the second cat-jumped-over-the-moon image.

  2. It is a beautiful piece of work. It’s always lovely when something is finished and you can breathe out again. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What an absolute triumph Jill. This is a truly magnificent piece and I am so pleased that the hearth provides the place for you to undertake future endeavors.

  4. What a beautiful piece of work – what a fabulous achievement.
    Like Lori I really like the second cat image.

  5. you are a very talented lady

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