Butterfly Tune

broken winged butterfly
gone so soon
where is its tune?
fire blazes a year ago today
took so many lives
half mast flags
mark the day
and children are strong
come what may

trials with no case
trumped up charges
the Yaran await their
fate and will never
begin to hate

prayers for fragments of
broken hearts
splintered and lying
like unhinged wings

rise from the mouths of
those whose hearts are touched
they will try to fly
close to where
the soul can take flight

Beating their wings like
angels creating
guiding stars and gifts
from three wise kings

Creating visitations
for the pure in heart
who are imprisoned
and cling to their belief
in his might.

No prison can hold
anyone who soars
like this

perhaps then this is the
butterfly’s tune.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved. Word and Image.

7 responses

  1. What a wonderful discipline you’ve undertaken.

  2. Lovely, simply lovely!

  3. Extremely poignant, beautiful words as ever.

  4. The song of the butterfly is particularly relevant right now. Beautifully crafted June.

  5. Beautifully expressed, June, and I love the photo of oil on the road – the colours of butterfly wings.

  6. thanks so much for your responses – working hard with the butterflies images and looking up myths about them as well….

  7. lovely, both words and picture

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