The Day is Like…

i can see peace

the day is like an origami umbrella
full of the drum beat of the rain
and its enough to make a sunlover
feel some real pain

but life must go on
and the folds of the day
must be drawn together
and somewhere in the middle of it all
is the beat of a waiting haiku

the day is like a dose of Prince’s purple Rain
Albums listened to with a friend
called Isobel and a memory
of her last letter with no address
whatever became of her
she must be like one of those
paper cranes blown away in the winds of connection.

and when you stuff up the folds
and try to refold them
you realise how strange it is to think
for the children of Japan the folds
are like kindergarten brush strokes

My friend Junko makes it seem so easy
but she is filing through her childhood memory
for all the folds of paper hats and boats and cranes
and someone asks can she please fold a frog
what can you expect in the land of
frog song

I am thinking how cool it is that soon cane toads
will be cat food, does that make me cruel, they
kill so many of the rare things in this environment
and its strange cause cats do that too, and one
predator eats another

And somewhere in the rain are falling paper
frogs singing for all the lost children
who need to be returned home, will
Peter Pan come alive from imagination and guide
them back to the safety of their homes.

Funny how the rain plays like a tap dancer
on the stage of memory and every rhythm
has a story and a song to make the day
seem less long, and more complete
to dream that everyone will
find the happiness of an origami successfully completed.

(c) June Perkins all rights reserved, image and word

This has come out of a series of daily notes I am doing.   This one was written this morning.  I have not missed a day in 27 days, of course some pieces don’t always work and other days I am really happy with the result.  In 50 days I will have an edit week.

5 responses

  1. I heard frog song just the other night, June. It was quite a choir. The next time I hear them I will think you your poem. The last stanza is my favorite.

  2. Your poem slowed me right down. I love the line ‘a day like purple rain’. I’m really enjoying the way you are using the poetic form as a way to let your mind wander freely. Reading it sets my mind awandering too. Thanks

  3. Your lyricism is something else June. I agree that this work has the effect of slowing me down and calming my fragile spirit.

  4. This poem is so calming and soothing. It is a meditation just to read it.

  5. thanks all for your responses to this poem (: i had my first singing lesson/breathing lesson and hope one day to sing more of my work, but for now learning more about how songs work- writing makes me slow down my days too when i need to.

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