From Little Seeds……

If I had to pack a bag to take into the future it would be full of dream seeds.  These dream seeds would receive lots of brilliant positive light and love to make them grow.  This is a memory of when my children and I were talking about dreams.

I asked my youngest son to plant a dream seed. He said “I want to play cricket in South Africa!” I did not tell him it was an impossible dream instead I said “So what do you need for that- can you draw it for me.”

He drew me a cricket bat. Then we yarned some more and he said “I can learn to speak South African.”

Then I spoke about Stephen Waugh “Who’s that Mum?”

“He was the Australian Captain and he met Mother Therese and said she changed his life.. because then his philanthropic work became more serious.”

“What will you do when you play South Africa.” Mummy planted a dream seed next to his dream seed.

I asked my daughter to plant a dream seed. She said “I want to meet a dragon.” I said “A dragon lizard”. She said “No a DRAGON,” so I said knowing she is also interested in making robotic limbs “Well maybe you could make a robot dragon or an animated one,”

“Oh yes., a big robot dragon that looks really real! with muscles and a skeleton..”

“And what will you need for that my little one.”

“art and computers and science ..”

Together we could just see that Giant Robot in an awesome movie!

tree boy

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(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.

5 responses

  1. Ah! Enchanteur’s bag always includes some dream seeds. Delightful June!

  2. You are such a cool Mom!

  3. What a beautiful little boy! Yeah wish you were my mom!!! 🙂

  4. What magical dream seeds you and your children have planted.

  5. The hopes and dreams of children are magical in and of themselves, aren’t they?

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