Call Me The Seeker

Having learned from previous Journeys with Mme. La Enchanteur that doorways to Lemuria lie somewhere between the subconscious mind and the imagination (shades of “The Twilight Zone”!) I closed my eyes to find my doorway.

I fell asleep and my doorway opened wide, to a High-Def, Wide screen vista of Lemuria and her history. I dreamt of a small village, a few talented, hardy individuals carving out a niche in Cyberspace for themselves.

The first tenuous strands attached to the World Wide Web, and sent out more tendrils. Other, like-minded adventurers follower the connexions to their source, and the village grew.

More Webs stretched ‘round the globe, and now connected hearts, minds and Spirits. The village planted Dream Seeds, and grew Secret Gardens to rival the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The villagers each built their own Castles in the Air and saw their dreams gain substance.

Soon the village began to have a tourist trade, with people from the world over coming to see the wonders in the village and carry the word of the village further.

I came to join this village and wondered what my place in this magick should be. No sooner had I thought this than I saw a place, from deep within the fertile earth of my imagination, a place of birth and immortality.

The village gathered round this place of sunlight, constant blossoms, and the smell of ripening fruit. Each member had their own time of labouring, and giving birth to children of great beauty. As each new life was begun, so many members of the village cheered and exclaimed with joy, that soon the village was a bustling city and still growing.

My place in the village, and one purpose of the village was that, to be a nursery to talent, ideas, and growth, not only of mind and imagination, but also of Spirit and ideals.

The village is also a place of great change, new members would stagger in, sore wounded and weary of Spirit and discovered that there would be support and guidance through every step they would make from now forward.

How we each make the journey along our healing road is different for every person, as it ought to be; yet we all know that others have been there and others will follow behind us. We have been gifted with the most precious knowledge of all. We are not alone!!

I hold the bag Mme. La Enchanteur has gifted me with, it has such weight, and the energy contained in such a wee package, pulsing with the life of creativity. In it are so many tiny tools to use in my travels.

And a deck of Tarot Cards, unlike any other deck I had in my collection.

The Packet of Dream Seeds I return to Mme. La Enchanteur, I have been in the village long enough to have my own Dream Seeds to carry with me.

“The Rumi Tarot” created by Nigel Jackson, based upon the teachings of the Sufi scholar, Rumi, full of mysticism, deep wisdom and ageless beauty.

The Fool is, of course the beginning, and he is an innocent young man, unprepared for, and unaware of the dangers ahead of him on his journey.

"Be Foolish, so that your heart may know peace."

The inscription at the bottom intrigued me, “Be foolish, so that your heart may know peace.”

Foolish, the word has so many negative connotations. Someone that is stupid, naive, unaware of what greases the wheels of the world.

Having done the Tarot for over 35 years (O My Gods!!) I know that none of those are what the Tarot’s Fool is made of.

In the Tarot the Fool is someone who is innocent, and does not look either backwards or forwards, someone overflowing with trust and optimism. Here a leopard accompanies the Fool.

Instead of asking why not a dog, like so many other Fool Cards in the Tarot, I asked why a leopard.

My first thought came from the Queen of Wands in the Thoth-Crowley Tarot Deck. The Queen wears flowing locks of reddish brown hair and is accompanied by a leopard.

Legend has it that once upon a time the Queen wore long shining black hair and her companion was a panther. They were purified by their troubles and travels and the queen had flowing golden locks and her panther became a lioness.

The Queen looked back over the path she had travelled and her heart was so moved by those people that were still struggling that she chose to remain where she was instead of continuing on her path, so! her hair became reddish brown and her constant companion wore the dark spots of a leopard as it too chose to stay and help.

Perhaps this is why the leopard instead of the dog is by the side of the Fool, to be a helper and guide to the Fool. Or perhaps the Leopard is A Fool from a Previous Journey, who joyously partners the fool.

Together they may symbolise that we are at once The Fool and The World.

Hrmmmnnnnhhhhh… that sounds like a whole ‘nother post, for another day, perhaps even an author other than myself!!

7 responses

  1. Your dream seeds are plump and ripe for growth in the fertile soil of Lemuria. As I read I sighed and felt calmed by the prospect of sharing such space again.

    1. You honour me Mme. It is my joy to have a garden in Lemuria that can calm others and bring them peace. I shall be smiling softly all day because of this reply.

      Love, hugs and kisses,

  2. I think I must be one of the newcomers staggering in sore wounded and weary. I thought I had some idea of what Lemuria was about but reading your post has shown me I really have absolutely no idea at all. I look forward to reading further posts from you so that I can learn more.

  3. Again the Fool calls my name. As with Lori’s entry, yours reminds me that I have left the ways of the Fool for too long and let the world overcome me. I bid you pleasant journey; I shall follow you with great interest.

  4. oh this made me feel at home again – i too was filled with a calm from your words. i love the vision you have created in my mind now of Lemuria – the village with all of us contained within and without – no boundaries to speak of, rather perhaps a fluid shifting of light and shadow … it is somewhere i am happy to reside for a long long time – oh and play – indeed, without play this world would stop spinning 🙂

  5. Such calm and sense of wonder at the world of Lemuria, all is possible, and everyone is journeying again …

  6. I just came across the Rumi Tarot a few weeks ago and am still considering purchasing one, but decided to hold off a bit since I have been working more with a few of my others. It will be wonderful to follow your use of those cards filled with such powerful messages. Thanks for sharing with us.

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