7 Discs – Pause for thought

I thought I would be staying by the Hearth, stitching away when up comes another journey.  Tarot ?  – ooh ok, why not pull a card and see what it says.

I am using Motherpeace, cards I have had for more than 20 years now.   Discs in other decks are often referred to as coins or pentacles, they are of the earth.  This shows some seeds I have planted have taken root and produced fruit.  The pregnant figure, however,  all too obviously signifies a waiting time, gestation, a literal pregnant pause perhaps.

Time to stop for a while.  I sigh, thinking, ‘no change there then’.  Over the past year or so my physical self, including mobility has become restricted.   At first I thought, ‘ok, well I have plenty of interests that I pursue and can continue with by the hearth, in my home’.  It has not been until it has really, and I mean, really sunk in, what an impact this has had on my life. It is one thing to choose to be at home arting, creating, reading, socialising, etc., it is quite another to have it foisted upon you.  The lack of choice at times has been the hardest to swallow.  My condition fluctuates, I am lucky in that and I sincerely count my blessings.  Things change – trite, yes – true?, indeed.

I am aware that mentally there has been a recent shift for me – it is not always constant, not a lot is.  Essentially I think I came to the conclusion that I do have choices still – I can choose to be a victim of circumstance and sit at home feeling sorry for myself, or I can change my mindset deliberately and choose to take control.   This card, which at first seemed to be the universe having a chuckle at my expense, actually is telling me all is well, look at the fruits around you, look to what you have already achieved, look to the fact that there is more to come, much more – there is not a wasted, wreck of a human sitting amongst the melons – there is a fecund, beautifully rounded woman who is merely resting there, waiting to give birth to another creation.

At the end of my last blog posting, I said I felt stuck, somewhat at a loss in terms of direction re my current project .  Again, a timely intervention reminding that to pause gives me the opportunity to reflect, perhaps make changes, think differently, change my mind completely, whatever, so that I can move forward again.

Sevens, apparently, are about taking control.  Having control does not necessarily mean being active,  I feel this one is showing me it is ok to let go, acknowledging  that I have planted these new seeds, the roots are establishing themselves, but it is not yet time for the shoots to show nor for them to flower.  Time to step back and let nature take Her course.  A pause is a pause is a pause … a pregnant pause is full of possibilities.


7 responses

  1. Lovely mother peace cards- I like the idea of a pause to reflect and grow ideas. Time is not wasted if we think about how we are spending it.

  2. You can sit stitching by the hearth for long periods Jill, but given all you say, it is just as well that the Tarot has called you to get out, if only by using your fingers, to mingle and be well, free and active in Lemuria. It worked for me over many long years when I had the role of primary carer.

  3. I love your card and interpretations, Jill. It’s true, isn’t, that our lives are what we make of them?

  4. The portal is your escape, Jill. Your condition restricts your body, but your mind can let you be the most daring adventurer. I’m glad you’re taking the journey.
    Hugs, Sue 🙂

  5. So good to see the Motherpeace Cards again – they are lovely.

    I can relate to what you are saying having similar physical conditions myself. Escaping into Lemuria as Heather suggests can be a wonderful way of expanding the mind while the body stays stuck.

    As you say – it is ok to let go and take some time out for a pregnant pause. Pusing yourself to achieve when you have chronic fatigue is, in my experience, the worst possible thing to do.

  6. When it is the right time, it will happen. How many times do we tell ourselves that? Right there is a truth that we struggle to accept. Well done love!!


  7. those are such wonderful cards reflecting what it seems many of us ahve been going through – a pause in our writing as life took over.

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