Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

Shy and self-effacing, the Queen of Cups presents herself as I step upon Lemurian soil.

Aware that I am motivated by an urge to discover my true place in the world she gently reminds me to be intuitive, to affirm my role as counsellor.

Gratefully I accept the golden cup, a new vessel to fill over coming months as I explore new parts of this mystical, psychic world.

16 responses

  1. you are moving gently, treading lightly – encouraging to see, it is wonderful to have you journeying again.

    1. 🙂 It feels good Jill. Very good. I have been silent too long.

  2. what a fabulous drawing,Heather. She seems to be saying “well, come on then, what are you waiting for?” Drink of the vessel and be filled with a new life force

    1. She does appear to be encouraging me to be filled with a new life force. And the exciting thing is that I can feel that force building behind the dam walls ready to spill over.

  3. She may be shy and self-affacing but her red dress gives away her inner fire and strength.

    1. Ah! That red dress is a bit of a give away Lori 🙂

  4. A lovely drawing – shy and self effacing maybe – strong and intuitive – definitely. I’m sure your cup will fill as you move forward into the future.

    1. Most intuitive and full of knowing that the future is what I need to walk, with sure foot, towards.

  5. What a wonderful role, and so much in the symbolism of a cup.

    1. The Queen of Cups, as initiator, most certainly has a premium role in this drama that is to be played out.

  6. To me she seems composed and sure of herself. What a strong image!

    1. She is strong and most self assured. It is comforting to have her come to offer support and encouragement.

  7. Drink up, my dear. Whatever is in that chalice most certainly will quench the thirst that has been building over the past several months.

    1. Rather than quenching a thirst the waters are bringing regeneration, much like the waters from the Queensland floods will bring life back to vast parts of Australia.

  8. there is never an end to the exploring of the world, or of ourselves.

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