Without Identity

Ferry Woman

All the clocks have stopped
Time stands still
The Ferry Woman takes me
without identity
across the waters to
meet the guides
who will help dress and name me

23 responses

  1. Wow. My first reaction to this was “how creepy!” But I guess it is a scary place to not know who you are.

    1. Trembling with anticipation rather than scared Lori. I sense the shroud will be removed many times, to reveal many different aspects of self. Perhaps the Queen of Aces was simply one of them.

  2. Your painting is really something. It exudes mystery while oozing expectation. Perhaps from it we can all learn who we are.


    1. Thank you Vi. For some reason I am never as happy with the more landscape pieces that I produce, especially if I compare it with the work of those who are so technically skilled. But my art is soul art and so it cannot be compared. It is an expression of what my spirit needs to say. If there is something here for others that is wonderful.

  3. I do like this picture, Heather. And I relate very much with what you are saying in it.

    1. I can imagine you, having been a primary carer to so many, can fully imagine the loss of identity that takes place Jane. A part of me has been frozen, sitting aside from me, now ready to be united and join forces. I suspect that other side is rowing me across the lake to meet who I need to meet.

  4. i love this – it really resonates with me – reminds me of crossing the mist shrouded waters to the isle of avalon – wonderful – how exciting to have the opportunity to be born anew.

    1. Avalon! How I loved going to Avalon! I must return one day soon. A Soul Food world tour perhaps 🙂 It, along with Delphi and Olympus, were sacred places for me in 2001 when we did our Grand Tour.

  5. The water is calm yet the unidentified figure seems to be anxious, fearful, and in a state of limbo. And yet I sense that she has hope that she will be freed from what binds her…and blinds her to who she really is.

    I love the way you were able to capture the night and mists rising from the water which adds a scarey element.

    1. A healer is currently working with me on all of this Sally and the results have been reverberating through my being. I have been bound and blinded by duty. I have met the needs of others while the person in greatest need is that part of self that was cruelly abandoned and mistreated

  6. Every time I see your drawings I am delighted anew by how quickly you’re improving! This one is wonderful, What are you creating them with??


    1. Given that my techniques would be challenged in a traditional art class Gwen I really appreciate your encouragement. Drawing is a very new medium for me. It is a pencil drawing that has been digitally enhanced. Photoshop performs minor miracles and seems to intuit the intent of the pencil drawing.

  7. I love how it symbolizes your willingness to surrender to the process of entering and travelling through the Unknown. Who knows what is waiting for you behind the veil?

    1. Who knows what will be revealed when the veil is finally lifted. I am so glad that I have succeeded in depicting my willingness to surrender to the higher beings, to be relatively mute and let others guide me.

  8. What’s in a name is the question I will ask myself today, and what would I call myself if I could chose my name.

  9. Naming is essential. It is well worth stopping to name oneself.

  10. Mysterious and fabulous, Heather.

  11. Mysterious – like all steps into the unknown. The shrouded figure and the half light suggest to me that the journey you are embarking on is more of an inner one than an outer one.

    1. It is inner rather than outer and will take me to heavily protected parts of this world. Clarissa Pinkola Estes talks of a dream where she is standing on the shoulders of others standing on the shoulders. I am looking to find whose shoulders I stand upon.

  12. I agree with the sense of creepiness, perhaps conveyed by the seated person in the boat – who seems to have been bundled into a bag of some sort. I noted that there are clocks on the tree, do they both tell the same time?

    1. Not a bag Carol 🙂 And those clocks are both stopped at 10 past 10 in the morning.

  13. potent words and image – the peeling away of our identities is cause for much grief even as it opens us to become more truly ourselves

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