An art box – name for a column…

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What amazing things you have all been writing.   I have made a little art box about how I feel about art.

I hope you enjoy it, and can take a moment from your writing to look at it.

I am desperately seeking a blog column name for a column I have on another blog, it needs to encompass art/interviews/blogging/digital photography/blog reviews and anything I might write there.

I have thought of some but I don’t like any of them. Blogroar, Art Territories, Blog territories, Pearlz art corner, Blog/art trekkin Journey through the Blogospheres. What’s in a name? Parkinson just called his show Parkinson. I don’t think I want to just call my column Pearlz, or June – eeks!

What’s in name? Something to remember. Something to give identity. Something to be symbolic. Help!!!!
I hope I dream a name – maybe I will find it in my Wisdom Cards or my Peace cards.

(c) June Perkins

9 responses

  1. The first thing that came to mind is the Beauty Blog for your words, art, photography, etc. are all so beautiful!

    Don’t worry…It will come to you.

    1. thanks Sally – appreciating beauty…depends on if it is taken as art, appreciating art beauty… i sent off an idea to this place, something else will see what they say… sometimes titles happen and sometimes you have to go digging.

  2. As I said on your other blog, this is was so very soothing and revitalizing to watch.

    1. yes I put it on my other blog as well (: thanks for stopping by twice to comment. I love smile boxes, might even subscribe for add free, and that’s saying somethin.

  3. such a feeling of calm and “absolutely everything is fine and as it should be” washed over and through me as I watched this – a truly wondrous creation. As for your blog I am sure the name will come to you.

    1. thanks Jill sometimes its hard when an idea doesn’t come and you are thinking about so many things. I had one idea and sent that in. Will see if it gets approved.

  4. How’s about ‘encompassall’ or ‘encompassingarts’?

  5. interesting idea (: thanks for that.

  6. Beautiful, June!!!!!!

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