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Heather’s most recent post:

Awakened one of my most enduring alter egos-T he Universal Mommath:  She has never been called by her ‘proper’ name, she simply is.  Powerful, generous, enduring,  She’s a tad chubby, with Her hair in a soft knot wearing an old red apron with magnets, and other fascinating toys in the capacious pockets of said apron.

She awakened as I read Heather’s post and She immediately wanted to fly to the rescue of a girlchild in need of mothering and comfort.  She went so far as to ready her lap, have jasmine tea steeping, and tuck a few sweets into her pocket.

Her couch is soft and comfy with handmade afghans and fluffy pillows.  The fireplace glows with a cosy fire, and there are cats and dogs all over, even birds and fish have been sent to Her for loving and teaching.  You can hear other children’s voices, joyous shouts from upstairs and outside.

Everywhere are plants flourishing, small trees, ivies wandering across ceilings and walls, the walls are covered in photos and artwork; everything from a toddler’s scribblings to well-practised paintings full of talent and promise.

There are baskets with yarn, embroidery floss, fabric, and sewing projects in various stages of doneness.  A cedar chest is propped open and full of toys that delight children of all ages, Tonka Toys, Matchbox Cars, Dolls, Green Plastic Army Men, Lincoln Logs, Legos, Colorforms sets, Barbie clothes and accessories.  A low bookshelf is full of books, board games, and puzzles, there are child-sized chairs and a table.  In boxes over the shelf are coloured pencils, crayons, markers, colouring books and blank paper.

There is music playing softly from upstairs, guitar, piano, violin and drums, it doesn’t take long to recognise that it is practice exercises, and the players are growing bored, The Universal Mommath simply smiles and shakes her head in response to off-key flourishes and extra-hard cymbal clashes.

The door to this wondrous place of love and healing is inside all of us.  We learn to be our own Mommath from the times we wished we had a Mommath nearby so we could lean on them and just rest for a while.

What does this have to do with the Tarot, and our Journey?

Everything!  The Universal Mommath is The Empress of the Major Arcana.

The Universal Mommath

Woman is a ray of the Divine Light.

“Woman is a ray of the Divine Light.”    What a powerful though to ponder, we, the washers of dishes, the blowers of noses, the finders of all lost things, the keepers of all dates and times, the keeper of life-souveniers large and small.

How many Moms save all of their children’s school pictures, and report cards?  How many Moms always keep specific medicines on hand because they know they will need them on Sunday night after all the stores are  closed?

And so to you, my Sisters, Mommaths, and good ol’ Mommas, I offer up the gift of Divinity.  We are all Goddesses in our own right.

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  1. The small boy child (he does look feminine) has just uttered this tremendous sigh of relief at being not only heard but treated with genuine kindness. His rescuer in that other life was not so kind and stripped him of all culture and belief. To be accepted without question is of utmost importance to him and to me if I am to break the blocks and move forward and live according to the blue print as outlined. Thank you Gwen. This is a most special gift.

  2. Gwen, you awe me with your loving words and reminders of what it is to be a child, womyn,mother,goddess. Thank you!!

  3. Mommath! I love it. I was wondering if this was a real word so I googled it and it did not come up as a word unto itself. Let it be proclaimed here that Gwen has officially coined the word “Mommath”. 🙂

  4. So much love – i was sighing with delight as i read this – such an affirmation of life held within her – within us all. Lovely, lovely , thank you Gwen

  5. I like this so, so much. I know her – I see her in my dreams and I’ve always wanted to be like her. Thank you for this vision of the Mommath.

  6. how true – and how insightful!

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