The Ferry Woman anchored
at a small outcrop
the King of Aces waited
in full regalia
with his crystal ball


Within the chamber of the crystal ball
I reel when I see the images
thrown upon the chamber wall
of another self

at another time, in another place
amid blood and destruction
abandoned, helpless.

The child still calls
seeking nourishment
reunion with loved ones
and older ways

When the Ace of Wands comes into your life it brings change.

The Ace of Wands begins the explosion of energy which runs throughout the Suit of Wands. Here we see massive out-rushing power, high levels of force, the beginning of whatever the Will desires.

When this card appears in a reading it often signifies the beginning of new life – whether as in pregnancy, or to represent the beginning of a whole new phase in life.

9 responses

  1. Oh,yeah! Now that is an exciting card!! And an exciting time but difficult to see through all the “stuff” life is throwing at you.

  2. Rocking on, Heather. Beautifully moving image.

  3. yes, well I can totally relate to that at the moment, I even had a word wand blogger visit my site.

  4. Your drawing conveys the sense that the standing figure is still feeling the emotions that the events on the wall depict. What an interesting place from which to start a new creative cycle – maybe healing that old pain will be part of your journey

    1. Perhaps it is a collective pain that the standing figure is rocked by. It does seem to be a good place to depict another creative cycle which will go who knows where. Whatever! It is a starting point.

  5. you have captured extraordinarily strong emotions in your image – very moving.

    1. Thank you Jill. I would have liked to have the figure reeling more, head obviously on the wall, shocked, enraged.

  6. The journey is beginning, Heather. Great image and words.

  7. I know that child, too, Heather, and I have seen a few storms myself. It can be awfully difficult to see through all of the flying junk the storm kicks up, though, can’t it?

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