Queen of Heaven

The Ferry Woman leaves me on the shore
Of unfamiliar Lemurian land
Where I am met and taken  to
meet the
King of Cups


Who declares that I be given
A costume fit for the Queen of Heaven
The Queen of Wands
Who once reigned here.


And sends me on my way
Towards the famed
Serpentine Road
In search of wisdom and
good counsel.

23 responses

  1. Heather love,

    Your courage, endurance and strength of self are so clear in this picture. I love it!! Technical skill falls a distant second to the feel of a piece of art work. You excelled at both with drwing dear.


  2. What a precious thing to say Gwen. I need all the strength I can rally at the moment and it helps to know that my drawings have soul. I agree that this is really as, if not more, important as technical skill.

  3. She has a look of determination in her eyes that says, “I am going to make it through whatever life throws at me.”

    Amazing image.

    1. She is the stronger part of me Lori. Another part does not feel like she can cope with what life is throwing at me and is screaming out to the universe to send the support team.

  4. you have captured sadness, strength, determination with a gentle heart in your drawing – it is a beautiful image which says so very much.

    1. Thank you Jill. Right now it feels like I am wearing a costume to disguise the truth. I am actually pleased that the abiding sadness is showing through.

  5. Your drawing shows your determination, but more than that it reveals your strength of soul. The work you are doing is so much more than art…it is life with all its trials and leads the way into healing.


    1. I do hope this does assist a healing process for I feel like I am in a train wreck at the moment. I am summoning up strength from a well that is in need of replenishment.

  6. She is lovely, and again, looks very determined. She is so clearly a strong woman.

    1. Strength is something that comes up over and over. It is taking all my strength to insist that others step in and help shoulder the emotional load that has come with my mother’s situation, a situation which is still to be clarified.

  7. Your drawing shows strength of character. She looks ready for what ever life throws at her.

    1. I want to believe I do have enough strength in reserve but this week it has not really felt like there is much strength left.

  8. She has a very determined look on her face that reminds me of how women must often be in their lives…

  9. Gee, Heather, this is so magical and beautiful!

  10. And I also am of the same mind as Vi, as you know.

    1. Thanks for these comments Monika. You have always acknowledged that my drawings emanate from the soul and I appreciate that insight.

  11. She looks physically strong as well which tells me she is built for endurance. Her heart is strong and she is wise for she knows that she has a force marshalling behine her.

  12. You are right Sally. This is a comforting thought.

  13. there is indeed a hint of sadness and reflection in her face. May the ravens watch over her during her trials

    1. I will appreciate the presence of many ravens. Thanks Carol.

  14. I’m sorry I’ve lost touch here- what amazing images- they are truly inspiring / inspired.

    1. Good to hear your voice A.M. Tough battles seem to inspire work like this. I found it helped when Darryl was so ill and is helping now as I confront the situation with Mum and try so hard to look after myself.

  15. yes, welcome back Anita – we miss you!!

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