To Be Revealed

The Empress

My path takes me to the
House of the Empress
Who sits
quite calmly
cards in hand
to lay them down and
direct me further.

More will be revealed

15 responses

  1. I find the cards very significant. It’s as though part of the message is that life deals you a certain hand that you must play. But there is always a new way to look at the cards and see that the cards you were hoping to avoid have shown up in your hand. Perhaps these are the cards you really need in order to gain the winning hand.

  2. So insightful Sally. I think perhaps you are right. The cards I want may not show up, hence the look on the face of the masked figure, but I will have to work with them as best I can.

  3. This series is really strong, Heather. The drawings are very vivid and striking, not to mention full of strength and seeking.

    1. Thanks so much Monika. I am pleased that I am conveying a strong message of searching for some insight.

  4. She looks a bit enigmatic to me – I think I would feel maybe a touch apprehensive. But then, that’s just me! I like her, though.

    1. To be honest Jane! She is making me feel decidedly apprehensive. It is like being in front of one of those game show hosts who taunt you to see if you are sure of the answer you just locked in. Thanks so much for your comment.

  5. It makes me wish I understood the cards.

    Your drawings/Paintings are fantastic. Each one tells a story.


    1. I know how you feel Vi. I only know the basics and this is going to lead me to learn more. Thanks so much for your affirmation of my drawing.

  6. Funnily enough she looks just like my grandmother (as she looked when I was a small child) – there is the same rather haughty look while at the same time there is the aura of intelligence and intuition.

    1. She does have the look of a woman from another time and place who is not nearly as haughty as she seems. Meanwhile I steel myself. Seeing the cards will be infinitely better than waiting for them to be turned over.

  7. It is wonderful to see you drawing so much again and think about what these characters are doing and how they will develop, grow and inspire others.

  8. Where this is coming from is must be a very interesting place.

  9. I am really enjoying your creating your own tarot deck in the process of your journey.

  10. Such gifts as these from the House of the Empress are extremely enticing :Promise — Femininity –Abundance –Creativity –Assurance .
    There is not one of these that I do not desire to see manifested in my life too!
    This is such a wonderful and exciting journey you are on now Heather!

  11. what a world you are building Heather, fabulous to see a great output of creativity from you (:

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