Why Is It So?


I have tried to master acrobatic positions
Have endlessly juggled the balls
Still nothing is clear
I challenge Selena, the Serpent
Who I met
laying across the Serpentine Road
To explain
To tell me
Why is it so?

14 responses

  1. My goodness! What an amazing image, Heather!!!

  2. I like this composition, with the woman’s face emerging as it does. Powerful. Make that snake tell you!

    1. Thanks Lori. I was satisfied with the impact. Can’t say I am having a lot of success getting the snake to talk ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. there is so, so much in this image – the juggler – the tumbler – and you, eyeball to eyeball with the snake – seems to be a look of determination and recognition on both sides. The snake seems compassionate – the woman, dog-tired – looks like help is at hand ๐Ÿ™‚
    Fabulously strong imagery

    1. Dog tired is the word. Maybe this is why I spent this afternoon in bed. At least I have got up and spent some creative time drawing more symbols.

  4. To me the snake seems in charge and smug!-great images, Fran

    1. You have the snake pegged Fran. I am finding it one very smug creature who is decidedly reticent.

  5. Those eyes! Oh my! You are creating some very strong imagery these days my love. Truly intense. Yes. I too beg the question. On my knees, I beg, fists clenched.


    1. Thanks Steph. I really appreciate your insight. My fists have been well and truly clenched. I just have to be careful not to steel myself too much.

  6. Intense imagery is right ladies. I see the lesson of the Magician in the Thoth-Crowley Tarot deck- one’s life is a balancing act on the edge of a sharp sword. When you can balance comfortably without thinking about it, then the answers will begin to come.

    I know it sounds like a pile of neo-Pagan-New-Ager twaddle, but some truths transcend time and labels to persist. It is no more than the art of Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, or relaation.

    GwenGuin is babbling again! LOLOLOLOL


    1. No babble here Gwen. I call it insightful. I love the interpretation and it helps me understand what is rising from within.

  7. Sometimes snakes will bite if you forget about your personal power and to keep it rather than giving it away…

    The picture is amazine, Heather. I love her eyes! I identify with this one very much. I drop the ball I juggle and am not very graceful when tumbling! But here I am nevertheless!

  8. So much going on – so overwhelming sometimes. Your image feels like life in so many ways.

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