Being Sustained

Queen of Pentacles

While I have been wandering Lemurian Roads
As family shoulder the first rounds
It is the Queen of Pentacles who
has offered sustenance

19 responses

  1. Gorgeous image, Heather!

  2. Is that a spoonful of raspberry sorbet she offers to soothe the throat of a weary traveller? She’s lovely and everything the Queen of great treasures should be!!


    1. Thanks Gwen. I think it is a raspberry sorbet to soothe the soul. And those grapes will add sweetness too.

  3. She is absolutely fantabulous, Heather! Her regalness is as refreshing as her spoonful of substanance that she is serving!

    1. You say the nicest things Sally 🙂 Thanks babe!

  4. A sultry queen indeed – was the first thing that struck me about this fabulous image. Much loves goes with you Heather and your family.

    1. Thank you for your loving support Jill. It is making a difference right now.

  5. your image speaks of self-esteem and courage, and the readiness to take on the world

    1. It is possibly illusional Thalia. I do not feel quite that ready to take on the world.

  6. She stands strong and regal. She is in command of her life. Gorgeous drawing.

    Our thoughts are with you, Heather. Despite the miles between us, I am with you.


    1. I do appreciate your support and encouragement Vi. Thank you so much.

  7. Sassy!
    This is wonderful

    1. I do love sassy. I love being sassy too.

  8. She looks very self possessed.

    1. Self possessed is good. Just got to carry it off.

  9. All I can say is she is confident, hopeful, out there, and living life to the full!

  10. she looks like one really feisty lady!

  11. She looks ready to feed us all, and bring laughter to our lives when we need it most.

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