Goodbye Misc and farewell

Try as she might Misc could not get passed the fact she was exhausted.  She felt overburdened and weighed down with care.  All the worldly responsibilities she had taken on over the years had depleted her energy.  Her imagination has been held in check by mundane concerns as she constantly pushed and shoved her creative urges to make them fit into to their allotted spaces.  She had trimmed and curtailed her wildest creative impulses to make products that would satisfy the marketplace.

From where she sat she could still see that fool of a boy leaping and cavorting about.  “I wish I were like him,” Misc whispered into the wind.  “I wish I was still young and brave enough to leap into the unknown without fear.”

The wind swirled around her and whipped up the sand to form images.  Misc saw herself battling the dragons of material reality as she attempted to deny the exhaustion in her mind, body and spirit. The more she fought against the limitations that beset her the more they crowded in upon her and threatened to overwhelm her.

“The only way forward is to turn within,” the wind sang in her ears.  “Turn away from doing for a time, withdraw and seek out the quiet places, both within and without, where you can rest and recuperate.

A  woman came to Misc gliding on the swirling winds .  Dark hair flowed out around her pale, ethereal face.  In the shadowy depths around her Misc could see patterns and movements that suggested forms in utero.  “Come with me, into the night world of dreams and possibilities,” urged the woman.  “There, and only there, will you find your new direction and the true purpose of your life now.  I will be your guide to this underworld for in the Tarot I am the High Priestess.  In Greek mythology I am Persephone. The journey I will take you on is an inner one.  A deep, silent travelling to the secret depths of self.”

Misc heard the words of the woman and knew that they were true.  She turned away from the bright daylight world of doing and the even the mythic and psychological realms of Lemuria.  “I will enter the silence,” she said.  “It is only there that I will find the way forward.”


12 responses

  1. Goodness me! To travel with Persephone is the only path to take. Travel carefully, remembering, that seeking quiet place and taking a vow of silence are two different things. At the moment, when words are in scarce supply, I find I am saying more than usual with my pencils. At least I am not holding it all within.

    1. Your comments make a lot of sense. Making the art that accompanied the writing really engaged me. Maybe Misc’s journey will take the form of pictures.

  2. I think Misc needs the pictures, her world has faded to the honogenous grey of weariness and despair. You can return to her the passion of shades and the delicacy of tints.Go forth with thy palette and speak volumes!!


  3. Go forward…step into the universe…there is much there to feed the soul and the pen.


    1. I like the tone of this comment Vi. It sounds like it should be a song!

  4. “The only way forward is to turn within…” I am blown away by this simple bit of wisdom. Wow.

  5. Wow! You have taken my breath away and I sit here stunned into awe. Ditto on Lori’s comments.

  6. Thanks so much for all your comments. I really thought I’d reached the end of this story when I wrote and posted it.
    The idea of expressing stuff through visual art has really grabbed me. I’m finally drawing again after a complete drawing drought.
    Thank you all for your support – it really inspires me.

  7. lovely pictural renderings to go with an intruguing story – keep going

  8. how wonderful – a very daring journey to take and one which i know you will reap much from … i look forward to the images you create as you go. Those above are so beatiful and very moving.

  9. Her way seems perilous, but when we seek, sometimes the path we are offered is not an easy one. Go carfully. I have enjoyed traveling with Misc.

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